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The Destination! - From The Founder

From the Founder

Greetings Dear Readers:

Well, I have a lot of things to share with you,  but right now I want you to know that we are working very diligently with all that God has given us to achieve the goals set before us.

We thank God for good health, life and every thing He has bestowed upon us as His dearly beloved children.

As God has given us all the things, I challenge you this coming week to give back  to Him. Spend some time in His Presence, worship the Father in the beauty of holiness. If you find this difficult, know beloved that our God is not a taskmaker! He is gentle, loving , caring and not willing that any of us should perish.

Give Him five minutes of your time to start off. Then watch it grow as the seed you sowed into spending time with Him is multiplied back to you! If you have the ability to write, write for Him. If you can sing, sing for Him. 

This online Christian Magazine was started to reach people who have internet access, but there are still many people who do not use the internet. For them, The Destination Christian Magazine is expanding to a paper magazine!

It is my desire to do more for Him because it is my hearts desire to spread the love of Christ, the peace of God and share His  Word with those who are hurting or do not know His power.

At The Destination Christian Magazine, we are piercing the darkness and spreading the real power that transforms lives in this world: the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, Who shed His blood for the remission of our sins.

It is my dream to see people really happy. Yes, real happiness and love can be found  only in Him.

While I was studying in college, I began to think about all that I was doing. And I began to realize that all that I was doing was for me. I began to ask myself what am I doing for Him?

I began to think about what I can do for Him and started to use my voice to sing and tell people of His love and to write whatever He taught me for the glory of God. I made a start somewhere.

What I did not know or understand, I  researched, I observed and got the things I needed from others to help me understand so that I could be a better servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and of you! 

That is my word to you this month. Start where you are! Give God your talents, thoughts, time... your life!  He will give you back abundantly more than what you could ask, think or imagine. I guarantee it!

Until next time, stay in peace!



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