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     => The Roots of Impure Christians
     => Government by the Holy Spirit
     => Haleigh Plea (poem) by Bob Pruitt
     => Have a Blast With This New Year- Rosh HaShanah
     => God's Insurance Policy
     => Medicine for the Soul -
     => Now All Things Are of God, Who Has Reconciled
     => Walk In Obedience
     => Go Into All The World
     => I Lay at The Feet of Jesus (Poem)
     => Once Shattered And Broken
     => My Flight Is Endless (Poem)
     => Always There,Hello God
     => Down by The River To Pray (Art)
     => The Vision Inspired by God (Art)
     => Encouragement (Poem)
     => Reflecting On Being Strong And Courageous
     => We Reap What We Sow
     => The All Seeing God
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The Destination! - Issue Sep 2007



The Roots of Impure Christians by K. Daniel



The Roots of impure Christians are everywhere and we are growing these roots ourselves...

What to Do Personally In These Circumstances:

Parents, children, principles, teachers, students, church members, deacons, elders and pastors we all need to fix our eyes on Jesus Christ rather than other to blame or kicking them, pray for them.

Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/The-Roots-of-Impure-Christians-.htm




Government by The Holy Spirit by T. Austin-Sparks



We are considering the deeper and fuller meaning of what came in on the day of Pentecost, the nature and order of an entirely new day in this world’s history, that nature and order being essentially spiritual. A new order and character introduced by the advent of the Holy Spirit to constitute everything immediately spiritual, not indirectly and ultimately, but immediately spiritual.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Government-by-the-Holy-Spirit.htm




Haleigh Plea (Poem) by Bob Pruitt



Who are we to decide,

Who should live, who should die?

God gives life and we should try

To keep them all alive


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Haleigh-Plea--k1-poem-k2--by-Bob-Pruitt-.htm




Have a Blast With This New Year – Rosh HaShanah by Terri Gillespie



If ever there was a confusion biblical festival for me, it would be Rosh Hashanah – the first of the fall High Holy Days.

Rosh Hashanah loosely translates as New Year, but actually the biblical new year falls sometimes in Spring.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Have-a-Blast-With-This-New-Year_-Rosh-HaShanah.htm



God’s Insurance Policy by Joanne Lowe


That we should be to the praise of His glory, who first trusted in Christ. In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise, which is the earnest of our possession, unto the praise of His glory.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/God-h-s-Insurance-Policy.htm




Medicine For The Soul by Kelly Cyr



I am at an awful stage of my life like perhaps maybe many of your are that have been called by God to ministry. I have written my book, Supreme Love: A Battered Woman’s True Story as God asked me to.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Medicine-for-the-Soul-_.htm




Now All Things Are of God, Who Has Reconciled by Kathi Macias



Happy Birthday to me yep, today is my 33rd birthday.


Those of you who know me know that I’ m early riser – not always by choice, but an early riser nonetheless – so I’ve already had a couple of hours to spend with the One who made my spiritual birthday possible. And what a great time it has been! But it’s been a humbling time as well, as I reflected on the faithfulness of God throughout those 33 years, even in the face of my own faithlessness.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Now-All-Things-Are-of-God%2C-Who-Has-Reconciled-.htm




Walk In Obedience by Pastor Elizabeth Stewart



Sometimes walking in obedience can be hard thing. Take a look at what Joshua went through to get into the Promise Land. It took obedience by obeying God, that walking around the wall’s off Jericho for seven days, one time every six days and seven times on the seventh day.


Read more …   http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Walk-In-Obedience-.htm




Go Into All The World by Clinton Alexander



In Mark 16: 15 Jesus said “ Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone, everywhere” (NLT). The Church I attend supports 29 global and 5 local ministries. I support these missions financially every month. Though the opportunity has not yet arisen wherein I can go on a mission trip myself someday I would like to do that also. Until then I continue to support those missions through prayer and finances.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Go-Into-All-The-World-.htm



I Lay At The Feet of Jesus (Poem) by Beverly Rich



On this journey I started strong

But that strength did not last very long

I never knew it would be this hard

I should have never let down my guard


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/I-Lay-at-The-Feet-of-Jesus--k1-Poem-k2-.htm




Once Shattered And Broken by Malisa Hodges



I know how it feels when nobody cares. I have been there. I craved love so much that I would do almost anything for it. Growing up gets screwed up because of no love. The counter felt will only soothe the soul temporarily.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Once-Shattered-And-Broken-.htm



My Flight Is Endless (Poem) by Feon Davis



I see of His Holy Spirit

I am not down on earth

But above it all, with wings at flight

My flight is endless to the spirit


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/My-Flight-Is-Endless--k1-Poem-k2-.htm



Always There, Hello God Author Unknown



Always there Hello God, I called tonight to talk a little while …  I need a friend who’ll listen. To my anxieties and trials … You see, I can’t quite make it. Through a day just on my own… I need your love to guide me.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Always-There%2CHello-God.htm




Down by The River To Pray (Art) by Signs



Right after my husband died of oesaphageal cancer, August 12, 2005 something amazine took place. My son-in-law, while driving home from his mother’s house had something eerie, to say the least, happen to him.  


Read more  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Down-by-The-River-To-Pray--k1-Art-k2-.htm




The Vision Inspired by God (Art) by Minerva Mucy




When I painted the picture of Jesus I was going through a depression. I had received a magazine about Billy graham and in it was this picture and I loved it. But I put the magazine aside and forgot about it for a few days.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/The-Vision-Inspired-by-God--k1-Art-k2--.htm



Encouragement (Poem) Roxana



Sometimes I ask the question

My Lord, is this your will?

It’s then I hear you answer me

My Precious Child … be still


Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Encouragement--k1-Poem-k2-.htm



Reflecting on Being Strong And Courageous by Sonia



There was a time when I though being strong and courageous meant that I didn’t need help when I was in need or I didn’t need a shoulder to cry on when someone I loved betrayed me, hurt me. Once in my life, I carried all the burdens and heartaches of  my life all alone. I didn’t let anyone help me, not even God. I though that was being strong and courageous, I was wrong.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Reflecting-On-Being-Strong-And-Courageous-.htm




We Reap What We Sow by Lisa




Have you ever had those days where a though crosses your mind early in the morning, just out of the blue, and the though stays with you all day? No matter how hectic your day gets, or what other things you have to think about, that one thought just doesn’t leave you.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/We-Reap-What-We-Sow-.htm




The All Seeing God by Raquel




Today’s power verse comes from verse 11 Hell and destruction are before the Lord: how much more then the hearts of the children of men?

This verse brought to remembrance something my mother told me and I heard myself tell my daughter the other day. God knows all things. He knows what we cannot see.


Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/The-All-Seeing-God.htm



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