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The Destination! - Mircales

A Miracle Happened In Stan's Life on 16th April 2007 by Kashif Daniel



Praise the Lord our God Jesus Christ on 16th April about 7 pm a Miracle happened in Stan Bozeman (Aka)'s life. He had been in addiction of smoking cigarettes from the last 20 years, He even tried to stop smoking, drugs or gums, but not really had……………………  on 16th April about 7 pm ( Saint Luis time) God touched him and this Miracle happened. let us hear him how he experienced


Stan Bozeman (Aka) from  Saint Louis, United States of America sharing his Miracle, how he experienced

I wanted to come back to your page and let you know
the experience i had after reading your blogs.
After reading your blogs Monday April 16th about 7:00pm I felt a calm sensation, of peace and stillness
felt light headed, and began to call the name Jesus several times, and tears poured down my face.
This happened for about 30 min continuously,
I have smoked cigarettes for about 20 years, and on a few occasions I had prayed to God to help me stop smoking, I had even thought of going to get hypnotized
with some ear treatment, or even stop smoking drugs or gum, but had not really attempted to go further.
After coming to your page, and reading the information
I haven't smoked since Monday, it is SAt morn now,
I had smoked for 20 years, at least one pack a day.
Thank you for inviting me and being my friend.
Most of all I want to thank Jesus, for I have told everyone I talk to about the Miracle that happened to me. God is Good:) I no longer have a desire to smoke
even thru away a pack I had just bought that day.
thru out my ash trays too. I feel a lot better.

 Praise The Lord who is so wonderful
I m so grateful to you Stan and thankful to God that this Miracle happened in your life, through the blogs God led me to write......
God bless you more
Stay in peace forever

  Kashif ( David) Daniel

David, thanks for responding back, I'd like to let you know, it's been exactly one week since God stopped me from smoking. I feel much better, and my eating habits have returned, and I owe it all to Jesus, Praise the lord,
I've told a lot of people my family, friends, co=workers, friends on the internet what has happened to me.
and I gave the lord the glory, when people say they are proud of me, or say good job, i tell them it wasn't me
it was Jesus/God that did this.
Thanks David for being a friend to me, and I know that God will continue to work in my life.
God Bless you
Jesus is Lord

God can work miracles in your life only if you have faith and wait on him

he will work it out, My appetite is  back, I drink more water, and I've also begun to lift weights, my life has change so much in just 9 days without smoking.  Thank you so much David for sharing God Bless you!

       Well if any thing you have to share, you are welcome,

   Yours In Christ,

 Kashif (David) Daniel  

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