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The Destination! - The Destination Staff

K. Daniel Deen
Founder, The Destination Magazine

Daniel's vision for The Destination Magazine began in 2003. The Lord caused Daniel to realize that all of the gifts, talents, and abilities He had bestowed upon him were not being used for His glory, but showed him that he was consumed with his own agenda.

Daniel, who is gifted to sing in three languages, began to use his voice to glorify God. He also began to write songs and articles that lifted up the Name of Jesus Christ.

In 2002 Daniel wrote his first article: "What Christmas Wants" and sent it to a friend who really liked it and suggested to Daniel that he build a website where he could put his articles. So he built a site to put these articles in. 

Still, Daniel could not stop thinking about the many people who have testimonies, miracles and messages, and so much more to share. The Lord impressed it upon Daniel that the things he was writing and that other people are speaking are messages we all need to learn. Therefore, he began planning for a magazine. That magazine is The Destination Magazine.

However, God had more for Daniel. He began to give him a desire to see The Destination Magazine in print form. Daniel has a burden for the many people who don't know Jesus and for those who need to learn more about Jesus.

Through this magazine, God is reaching those who do not use the internet or who do not have access to such. God is working in Daniel's life, fulfilling his hearts desire to glorify Him through life, gifts, talents, time and finances through The Destination Magazine. 

Bob Pruitt
Assistant Editor



In August 1995, Jesus Christ saved Bob fro
Since that time, he has dedicated his life to serving Him. Bob plays guitar, writes songs, poems, articles, and serves the Lord as a deacon in his Church.
Bob’s mission in life is to declare that without the mercy, love, grace and leading of Jesus Christ, he could do nothing. 

Judy D. A Mendez 
Staff Writer
Judy is a multi faceted writer who resides in San Luis Obispo, California where she attends Mercy Church. A mother of two, Judy also is an avid supporter of our Troops.
Having accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior, at the age of 15, you will find her, writing full of the ways. He has blessed her as He has allowed her to go down some roads and up others. Judy’s writing is replete with the declaration that our God is an Awesome God and He is always with His people.

Carolyn D. Ward
Staff Writer,
Program Coordinator/Account Manager



Carolyn is a writer, songwriter, singer, and has joined the Staff at The Destination Magazine as the Program Coordinator and Account Manager. She previously worked as a Program Coordinator/Account Manager professionally for over seven years and has extensive experience that she brings to The Destination Magazine. 

As a hobby, Carolyn creates websites and has brought that experience to the magazine, giving it its new look and organization.

Deborah Horack

  Staff Writer



Hello everyone,  

In July 2007 I found the Destination magazine. Well I shouldn’t say I, God found it for me. It literally appeared in sight when I was on another web page.  So I clicked on the page, wrote a story and well lets just say the rest  all came about. I have 3 stories in the magazine. Passing the Test, My angel story part 1 & 2, and Shoutlife more than a web page, our hidden treasure. Now Daniel and I came up with something new. We are starting a column for you. Its about marriage, family and children. It is fitting God in these areas in our lives. Our goal is to be here for you. If you have any questions you would like to ask we will try to give you our advice, help and prayer. Please write  @ destinationfmc@yahoo.com 


I have always had a need to help people. When I was younger in high school I always enjoyed listening to people. Whether it was laughing at their funny stories, or a shoulder to cry on when they were hurting. A hug to say I care what you are going through. I could sit for hours offering my advice or insight on their problem they were going through. Without even realizing it they would be smiling or wiping their tears thanking me for my help. The best feeling for me was knowing I helped someone and made them feel better. To see a smile on their face and the thankfulness in their eyes was my gift back when I learned how to listen. That is when my journey with the Lord began. He was working through me at such a young age  and I did not even realize it at the time. I went to college for a couple of years where I studied marriage & family and also child psychology. I have been married for 25 years and God blessed us with 3 boys. I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom. I loved being there for my children and enjoyed my time with them. We attend Church regularly and my husband & I are Eucharist ministers. As my spiritual maturity grew and also my relationship with God I was beginning to feel I needed to do more for Him. I learned over the years about discernment, Gods faithfulness, Gods power and also Gods discipline. God lead me in areas I did not want to go at times. But somehow I became thankful for them because that is when I learned about trusting God and His timing. God lead me to start a Woman’s group at church that I ran for 4 years. I volunteered at a Community Hospital through the Pastoral Care for 5 years. I worked in the ER, being there for anyone who was in need of anything. Whether it was to hold their hand, the shoulder to cry on, or to pray with them, they knew God was with them. I received so much those years from helping people. God had a different plan altogether. As I was ministering to others I also had to write a profile on a patient I had helped. Each month we had to share our stories with each other. The more I wrote the more I loved & enjoyed writing. Well that was 2 years ago and my writing has taken off with Gods blessing. I have had an article in my newspaper, wrote a spiritual column in our newsletter at the gym. I also have been in the process of writing a book. One of my sons had a serious battle with drugs. Over the years God never left my side and always told me “What the devil intended for harm, I will use for my glory.” I lived and believed those words daily. God placed in my heart to write this book. I want to share those secrets with parents my journey the Lord took me on those years. The book is called “When love is not enough, A mothers battle with substance abuse.”

I thank you for visiting the Destination and remember we are here for you.  



Deborah Horack



Kristie M. Ledford

Staff Writer


I became a Christian on March 1, 2001.  Since that time, Jesus Christ has totally transformed my life.  I began prayer journaling on March 12, 2001.  During the past 7 years I have written poetry, short stories and testimonies.     Writing is one of the tools God has used in healing me and bringing me into a closer relationship with Him, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


I simply cannot take credit for any of the gifts or talents which I now possess.  God has truly done a mighty work within me.  I will let His word sum up how I feel.


Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!

How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!

Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been his counselor? Who has ever given to God, that God should repay him? For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen. Ro 11:33-36


Kelly Cyr
Staff Writer

Kelly Cyr
Founder of Healing Hearts, a domestic violence group formed for stopping domestic violence in
Great Falls,
of Supreme Love: A Battered Woman's True Story
Publisher of Lion's Den Publisher
Friend of God






Jacksonville, Fl – Being married to a military man means you will get to travel the world and see places that others dream about.  While going to these different locations you dream of what you want to do once all of this travel is done.  Mrs. Victoria Thomas Poller was a fortunate young lady, who following her husband from military base to base.  The difference occurred during her stay in Bitburg Germany; where this soon to be multifaceted business owner would begin getting her instructions and guidance that has her touch many lives with a simple book entitled “Where Did That Come From”.
While attending a base lead worship service, Victoria found the love of GOD and began to study and follow His teachings.  Once her family relocated to Clovis, NM she began to take classes through RHEMA Bible Training to gain more understanding on what GOD wanted her to do and which direction GOD wanted her to go.  The experience revealed to her how others within the Clovis community had a need to network, and the Clovis Christian Business Directory was born.  For three years Ms. “V”, as known in the community, collaborated with all of the local business owners, churches and non-profit organizations to get them to put their ads in the directory.  It generated new business for the Clovis community and brought the neighborhood closer together. 
In 1994 – 2000 while working at Bealls Department Store and then opening her own cosmetics store, there was a lot of time on her hands in between customers.  At this time the Lord was preparing her to be her own boss again, and to be able to influence others with His words through her.  She admits that she did not understand exactly what was going on, but she was willing to trust GOD while He led and directed her.
“Where Did That Come From”, her first book, may make you say to yourself, “She’s talking about me again this time”.  You the reader, can either say, “Ouch or Amen”.  This reader has said either one or the other.  There may be some things that you’ve heard before, yet there may be new revelation, which make you say, “Hum?”
In her next book: “Bent But Not Broken”, Ms. “V” tells of her transition and growth within the Lord to move from behind the counter to the front of thousands, giving Biblical advise.  She is the Dear Abby of the Christian Circuit and can be reached at: The Destiny Christian Magazine dcmVquestions@yahoo.com



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