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     => What Jesus Said About Serving God And Money
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     => Breaking Evil Curses Prayer
     => Faith Vs. Fear
     => Enemy At The Gate
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The Destination! - Issue Aug 2007


What Is Right In The Eyes of Truth? by K. Daniel


Some Christians Say offering is begging or offer something with this sense. Are you Sure? No, my dear friends you are greatly mistaken.

Okay, let ,me explain it… then you decide.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/What-Is-Right-in-The-Eyes-of-Truth-f-.htm



The Forgotten Festivals by Terri Gillespie


The Lord Said to ,Moses, “ Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘these are my appointed feasts, the appointed feasts of the Lord, which you are to proclaim as sacred  assemblies. There are six days when you may work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest.

 Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/The-Forgotten-Festivals-.htm


Christian American History Facts by Gabriel Peter


This week, the radio station I work for is doing their Christian Heritage American History quiz. Here are some neat facts of that played a part in the founding of our nation. I thought it’d make some good per-Independence Day Trivia.


Read more… http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Christian-American-History-Facts.htm


Medicine For The Soul by Kelly Cyr


Don’t Sweat It – As He Is So Are You


You have known and believed the love that God has for you. God is love, and He that Dwells In love dwells in God, and God dwells in Him. In this your love made perfect, that you may have boldness in the Day of Judgment: 

Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Medicine-For-The-Soul_.htm


Don’t Judge A Book by It’s Cover by Bob Pruitt


Outside the little church the sun was burning brightly and a cool breeze made it a perfectly great day. Inside the church, through it was a totally dismal congregation gathered for the funeral of old Sam. I don’t believe there of their own volition, but the pastor had insisted that each and every member be in attendance.

Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Don-h-t-Judge-A-Book-by-It-h-s-Cover.htm


Speaking The Truth In Love by Kathi Macias


When I first became a believer, nearly thirty- three years ago, a very wise pastor gave me some of the best advice I will ever receive on this earth. He said “ As you study the scriptures and become more intimately acquainted with what is required of us as a believers, make a list of those things you are willing to die for – and never compromise on them.

Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Speaking-The-Truth-in-Love-.htm


Glory to Whom It Is Worth (Poem) by Beverly Rich

The sun is beginning to disappear

The Chirps of the crickets I can hear


Darkness begins to blanket the earth

It’s inhabitants give glory to whom it is worth


Read more  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Glory-to-Whom-It-Is-Worth--k1-Poem-k2-.htm


What Jesus Said About Serving God And Money by Betty


IDEA: Perceptive thinkers have understood the dangers of covetousness, but they have not agreed on how to avoid the danger.

TEXT: “ You shall not covet your neighbor’s house, you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant

Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/What-Jesus-Said-About-Serving-God-And-Money-.htm


Why In Our Strength (Poem) by Lisa Beth Jenkins


Why do you try to do everything in your own strength?

Do you not grow weary and tired, do you not falter under

The heavy load, aren’t you ready to just come to the end

Of yourself, and let me carry, what you were never meant


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Why-In-Our-Strength--k1-Poem-k2-.htm


Peace of God by Pastor Bob

The Peace of God comes to us when we have peace with God, How are we to have peace with God? Paul tells us that we are to let the peace of God” rule our hearts “ Paul goes on in verse 16th to tell us how to do that!

Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Peace-of-God-.htm


Breaking Evil Curses (Prayer) by Evangelist Williams


Our God Our Father, any sin in my life, that the enemy is using against me, Father Lord forgive me,

Any sin I have done against your Everlasting Father forgive me

Any sin I have done against anyone, that I do not know about

Father Lord forgive me.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Breaking-Evil-Curses-Prayer.htm


Faith Vs. Fear by Roc


There were quite a few things that were pressing me this morning. After I spent some quiet time with God, I felt better and relieved. Peaceful. Then…

A few hours go by and pressure came upon me. I stayed silent ( silence can be a great weapon!) and God led me to speak to my friend, Carolyn Merrifield.

Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Faith-Vs-.--Fear-.htm




Enemy At The Gate by Jason Graham


There is no question that sometimes in this life there will come times when we all may fall, falter, fall, mess up, struggle, etc. To say anything else would be untrue. Why do all experience times like this? Well, I’m sure there may be different reasons, but in some cases the reason is exactly what the title of this devotional is talking about.

Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Enemy-At-The-Gate-.htm


Soldiers In The Army of The Lord by Licha


The Lord  Jesus Christ is my Commanding officer!

The Living Holy Bible is my code of conduct!

Faith, prayer and the living word are my weapons of warfare!

I have been taught by the Holy spirit, trained by experience, tried by adversity and tested by fire!


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Soldiers-In-The-Army-of-The-Lord.htm


If Only I Realized (Poem) by Betty Bolden


If Only I realized

The Suffering you went through

How my sin made you blue

The tears you shed

The blood you bled

Just to make me new


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/If-Only-I-Realized--k1-Poem-k2-.htm


Signs From Heaven & My Husband ( Art) by Signs


My Husband of 35 years died of oesaphageal cancer after his diagnosis of 2003. Bill suffered like none I have ever known aside from Jesus. He was only 57 year and was a wonderful husband and father of three. He had radical surgery that left him with half a stomach and he had to take pain medicine just to eat.

Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Signs-From-Heaven-%26-My-Husband--k1-Art-k2-.htm



Hear Prints (Poem) Author Unknown


Whatever our hands touch

We leave fingerprints!

On walls, on furniture

On doorknobs, dishes, books

There’s no escape.

As we touch we leave our identity

 Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Heart-Prints--k1-Poem-k2-.htm


Testimony of Tammi by Tammi Esquivel

In 1986, I was living in Hollywood, off of Highland Avenue between sunset and Hollywood Blvd. I was living in a vacant unit, behind a flower shop with anywhere from 5 to 12 other child junkies. It was painted black inside all the walls of this shooting gallery and there was nothing nice about it.

One night, I was in the bathroom, dope sick

Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Testimony-of-Tammi.htm




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