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     => Medicine For The Soul-.
     => Commit Your Works to The Lord.
     => Just A Few Words About Words
     => I Am A Crossoholic
     => Thought of The Day
     => We Believe In
     => Going Behind The Veil Into The Holy of Holies
     => God Provided Himself
     => How Deep Is The Love of Christ
     => How to Be Sure You Are Real?
     => Prayer Is What Breaks The Yoke of Bondage!
     => Who Am I ?
     => November Sign Day Angel
     => Passing The Test
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The Destination! - Issue Nov 2007


 Cast Your Cares Upon Him by K. Daniel

Many Christians, When they received Jesus as their Saviour in the beginning, they walk with God warmly, but after some time they leave their position. After time it seemed!

Does God want to confuse  His people? , He cares for us, God is in our personal concern,  God Sustains our burden ….



 Read more  … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Cast-Your-Cares-Upon-Him.htm


As God, As Man, My Jesus by Bob Pruitt


As God, As Man , My Jesus


I looked and saw you on that cross

As man, you chose to pay the cost

As God, you could have saved yourself

As man, you died on my behalf


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/As-God%2C-As-Man%2C-My-Jesus-.htm   




Sukkot The Feast of Tabernacles

The First Thanksgiving by Terri Gillespie



Did you know that the first Thanksgiving celebrated by the pilgrims in Plymouth was based on the biblical festival Sukkot? In fact, the colonists based Thanksgiving on the passage in Leviticus 23: 39 “ when you have gatheed in the crops of the land, you shall celebrate the feast of the Lord for seven days.”


Read more …   http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Sukkot-The-Feast-of-Tabernacles.htm





Commit Your Works to The Lord by Kathi Macias


There has been a lot of discussion on one of the writer’s loops lately about the extreme highs and lows experienced by those of us in the publishing world. After twenty-five plus years in this industry, I can certainly attest to the truth of that and yet…….


Read more …    http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Commit-Your-Works-to-The-Lord-.-.htm




Just A Few Words About Words by Anne Louise Gremminger



Ever since I learned to read, I have a love of books, writings, and word grames such as Scrabble.. As a child, I spent many hours sprawled across my bed with my dad’s big college dictionary, finding treasure within it’s pages. Each entry represented a gemstone to be added to my expanding vocabulary. My children have a word for that. They say it makes me “nerd”


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Just-A-Few-Words-About-Words.htm




I Am A Crossoholic (poem) by Christy Stenger


I am a crossoholic

Addicted to the cross

I want to hear it preached and taught

I want to hear it in a song


Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/I-Am-A-Crossoholic-.htm




Thought of The Day by Pastor Elizabeth


Why did God Created You?

What we have seen and (ourselves) heard we are also telling you, so that you too may realize and enjoy fellowship as partners and partakers with us. And ( this) fellowship that we have (which is a distinguishing mark of Christians) is with the father and with His Son Jesus Christ, the Messiah.


Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Thought-of-The-Day-.htm




We Believe In …


In the verbal inspiration of the Bible


In once God eternally existing in three persons: namely, the Father, Son & Holy Ghost.

That Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of the Father, conceived of the Holy Ghost, and born of the virgin Mary. That Jesus was crucified, buried, and raised from the dead, That He ascended to haven and is today at the right hand of the Father as the Intercessor.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/We-Believe-In-.htm



Go Behind the Veil Into The Holy of Holies by Pastor Marcelene Murdock


When people saved many of them never go past the foot of the cross. They never pick up their cross and totally follow the ways of the Lord. We were not supposed to remain at the foot of the cross for that is just the beginning of our growth in the Lord. We must stand up. Place Christ upon us and walks past the cross into the resurrection power.


Read more …   http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Going-Behind-The-Veil-Into-The-Holy-of-Holies.htm




God Provided Himself by Julie Pisacane


When studying the Bible it pays to look at each and every word that is written therein. Samuel was one of those who held the word of God in such high esteem.

!. Samuel 3:19 And Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him, and Did Let none of His (Gods) Words fall to the ground.


Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/God-Provided-Himself.htm




How Deep Is The Love of Christ  by Jolene Eller


As I watched Mel Gibson in “braveheart” a change was made in me! What  symbolism there was to Christ, as I watched this movie play out. First he experienced betrail by a “Judas” Then as I kept watching, I saw him get beaten. In the mean time, praying, “ God give me strength for this torture I’m experiencing today, “ as he suffers for his countries freedom.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/How-Deep-Is-The-Love-of-Christ.htm




How to Be Sure You Are Real ? by Pastor Moses Mutongole


I walked into a religious education classroom in a public school in Uganda and with tongue-in-cheek wrote in large letter across the board  “ I Hate Religion”

Man, in this class, you’ll get shot” gasped one student in amazement.


Read more …  





Prayer Is What Breaks The Yoke of Bondage! By Darlene Clayton


Prayer … the only thing I have to give. But  .. the only thing that our loved ones need!

Prayer speaking words of life over our family and over ourselves!


Read more  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Prayer-Is-What-Breaks-The-Yoke-of-Bondage-ar-.htm




Who Am I ? by Dorothy


The Name Dorothy means Gift of God, Jean, means God is gracious.

He has told me that I will be a gift of joy! I agreed with Him on this, because I have seen this gift come into play with so many that I come in contact with.

I jokingly call myself “ Queen and sunshine”, Queen, because I refuse to be anything less, than what my Lord and King says I am, He is our King. Sunshine, because He gave me wisdom to brighten another ones day!


Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Who-Am-I--f-.htm




November Sign Day Angel (Art) by Signs


This sign occurred only three days after Bill’s Hospice memorial night. I had prayed for protection on this day. As I left my dog out in the backyard. I noticed this oddly shaped cloud moving across my backyard.

   Read more    http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/November-Sign-Day-Angel.htm




Passing The Test by Deborah Horack


As I was planning a wedding this week I was also in the process of planning a funeral. The wedding I was planning was my best girlfriend since childhood, and the funeral I was planning was my fathers.


Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Passing-The-Test.htm





Help The People In Need



1. Revival Africa Ministries and Children of Hope Orphanage

2.  Grace Children’s Orphanage


Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Help-the-People-in-Need.htm 














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