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     => Chanukah-the feast of dedication
     => Medicine For The Soul.
     => Home !
     => Making Christmas Personal
     => The Birth of Jesus
     => The Gift of Friendship
     => The Promised Gift
     => My Angel Story (Part I)
     => Immaculate Conception Feast Day of Mary
     => For Unto Us This Child Was Born
     => God's Deep Desire to Reach us
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The Destination! - Issue Dec 2007

Issue December 2007

What Christmas Wants! by K. Daniel


I’ve seen Christians celebrate Christmas by dressing well, decorating houses or Christmas trees, etc. It’s okay but these things all are useless if Jesus is not in our hearts.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/What-Christmas-Wants-ar-.htm


As God, As Man, My Jesus by Bob Pruitt



I looked and saw you on that cross

As man, you chose to pay the cost

As God, you could have saved yourself

As Man, you died on my behalf


Read more …


Chanukah—the Feast of Dedication by Terri Gillespie



Prophetic fulfillments. Impossible odds.

Miraculous victories, courage and dedication. These and more descried the story of Chanukah…

Imagine this picture. A contingent of muscular and well-equipped soldiers descends on the little Israeli village of Modi’in.


Read more ...  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Chanukah_the-feast-of-dedication.htm



Medicine For The Soul by Kelly Cyr



So we had a time of Thanksgiving this past month, a time to reflect on everything we are grateful for and a time to enjoy our family members, old and new. That was how it was in my household this year! First of all we traveled to Colorado with my parents to stay with my Aunt Peggy for one week and then on to my sister’s house to stay with her the second week.


Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Medicine-For-The-Soul-.-.htm 


Home by Christy Stenger


Home is place of refuge

Home is a safe place

Home is a pace where you can be yourself


You see I have been thinking a lot about a place called home.


Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Home--ar-.htm


Making Christmas Personal by Kathi Macias


It was Christmas Eve, my favorite night of the year, as we sat shoulder-to-shoulder on a rear pew in the quaint but packed country church. I had been a Christian for slightly less than ten years, but each day since that unforgettable moment in July 1974 when I had received Jesus as my Savior,


Read more …   http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Making-Christmas-Personal.htm


God’s Deep Desire to Reach us by Sister Henny Qaiser

God’s deep desire to reach us, to bridge the gap between Him and us:

Christmas is getting closer and closer as we approach December and churches are starting to prepare for their Christmas programs. Have you ever wondered why churches are so full at Christmas time and why people suddenly feel they should go to church even if they never go during the year? Why do they come? Some come to show that they are ‘Christians’, or because they like the Christmas songs or food, or they believe that God might be angry if they do not come to the Christmas service.

Read more ...  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/God-h-s-Deep-Desire-to-Reach-us.htm


The Birth of Jesus by Pastor Moses


Now it happened in those days, that a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be enrolled. This was the first enrollment made when Quirinius was governor of Syria. All went to enroll themselves, everyone to his own City.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/The-Birth-of-Jesus-.htm




The Gift of Friendship by Jolene Eller


A few weeks ago in church, our pastor was speaking about a “ Friend that sticks closer then a brother. “ Proverbs 18: 24b With Christmas approaching, my thoughts were about Mary. She truly amazes me. If I was her, I know I wouldn’t have had faith she had. As I read, I’m struck by her so wanting to visit Elizabeth who lived miles away.


Read more… http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/The-Gift-of-Friendship-.htm




The Promised Gift by Ann Louise Gremminger


Long Ago in a garden, a gift was promised to the world.

Throughout the ages, this promised gift was gradually unwrapped and revealed for the world to behold. The first glimpse was given as blood was shed in the garden to provide a temporary covering for sin. As blood poured from the brazen in the tabernacle,


Read more …




My Angel Story (Part I) by Deborah Horack



I hope you enjoy this story and uplift your spirit. It all started one morning back in November 2006. as I awoke I had remembered my dream from the night before. Dreaming of white clouds in the sky surrounding myself and my home.


Read more …   http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/My-Angel-Story--k1-Part-I-k2-.htm



Immaculate Conception Feast Day of Mary by Signs


On December 8, 2005 was the feast day of the immaculate Conception. I being back into my faith deeply and wanted to go to mass.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Immaculate-Conception-Feast-Day-of-Mary-.htm


For Unto Us This Child Was Born by Pastor Marcelene Murdock



A Promise given in times past was birthed through a virgin girl. Christmas time is a special time for all mankind. Christmas day is a day of celebration for all people for it is when Salvation came that all mankind may be restored to God our Fahter.

God loves us so much He sent His love in the form of a man. That man was His only Son, given as promised for all lost souls.

God’s love poured out in the form of a humble man.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/For-Unto-Us-This-Child-Was-Born.htm




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