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     => 4th July & Our Decision
     => Strong Willed Woman
     => Freedom Is Not Free
     => Who Do You Trust ?
     => A Prayer For Our Soldiers
     => It's time to Wake Up Christians
     => Lest We Forget
     => Body And Spirit
     => 11 Steps For Successful Prayer (Step 3)
     => Hopeful or Hopeless
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The Destination! - Issue July 2008

4th July & Our Decisions by Jackson 


Being a President or a common US citizen we got to understand what 4th July reminds and what does it demand from us.

When faced with an ethical dilemma, the following questions can be used to make an appropriate decision:


  1. Have I Been Honest ?
  2. Can I Live With My Decision ?

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Strong Willed Woman by Deborah Horack


Hello Everyone! This month I am writing something that I hope will help parents whose child or children are addicted to drugs or alcohol. I have battled my son’s drug problem for years. I am hoping what God revealed to me is some form of hope for other parents. I know the article is entitled “ Strong Willed Woman” but I know there are many father’s out there that also need comfort.

Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Strong-Willed-Woman.htm


Freedom Is Not Free by Kristie M Ledford


I can see and hear the parade moving down the street as red white and blue flags are being waved by thousands of smiling spectators. It is the fourth of July and many Americans will celebrate our freedom by attending parades, picnics, family cookouts and ending the day with a beautiful fireworks display across the dark. starry night. We sing patriotic songs such as God Bless The USA, The Star Spangled Banner and America.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Freedom-Is-Not-Free.htm


Who Do You Trust ? by Ms. “V”


You may think that the New Testament people were living in Perilous Times ( see 2 Tim. 3:1- more to say no this scripture at another time- soon); well let me tell you that those times are here right now; just like other things have developed in our lifetimes. There were times when a loaf of bread was $ 1.00 ( I can even recall when the loaves were longer & cheaper [ less expensive]}. I’m quite sure you’ve seen Birthday Cards, e-mails & commentaries that reminded you the “Good Ole Days”


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Who-Do-You-Trust--f-.htm


A Prayer For Our Soldiers by Lori


When our soldiers are called to serve, Dear Lord,

Whenever war may be,

Give them courage to fight the battles,

As You have done for me,


Grace them with Your presence,

And help them to love You,

While they Fight the enemy,

Our Country needs them to,


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/A-Prayer-For-Our-Soldiers.htm


It’s Time to Wake Up Christians by Joseph L. Parker


Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy, break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you. Hosea 10: 12 Christians these days have fallen asleep, they have become complacent and cold towards the things of God. It is time to wake up and return to our first love, which is Christ. The cares of this world have turned many from the path of light onto the path of darkness.


Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/It-h-s-time-to-Wake-Up-Christians-.htm


Lest We Forget by Pastor Jake Sanford


In the beginning of this great country men and women who desired to escape their downtrodden conditions came from foreign countries to this land for a new beginning.

They desired in their hearts to be free from oppression.

They believed in the basic human rights of freedom to worship their God, freedom of speech and the right to self government. But they found themselves under the rule of a foreign government that tried to impose upon them things that they felt were unfair and oppressive.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Lest-We-Forget.htm


Body And Spirit by Deborah Horack


I had written this last year for my community news paper. Please enjoy this and realize that God does show up in places we never except. About 3 years ago I started attending Liberty Fitness Gym. It actually wasn’t by choice but I felt I was predestined to be there. I had a knee injury I received from a previous work out program that I had been with 14 years. Doctors explained I needed a less intense workout.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Body-And-Spirit-.htm


11 Steps For Successful Prayer by Janie Davidson


I know a lady who has many grandchildren, but only regularly sends birthday cards and presents to three of them. Do you know why? Those three grandchildren always thank her for gifts and for remembering their birthdays.

The others don’t


Read more …  http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/11-Steps-For-Successful-Prayer--k1-Step-3-k2-.htm




 Hopeful or Hopeless by Jolene Eller

  A couple of weeks ago, I was in a department store. I came upon a lady that looked so familiar and I told her so. Since I still had my nursing uniform on, she asked if I workd in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I mentioned yes and asked if I had taken care of her baby. She said I had. Then she started crying and told me that her husband and 2 very young boys had been killed that past weekend by a train.


Read more … http://thedestinationmag.page.tl/Hopeful-or-Hopeless.htm


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