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The Destination! - Testimonies

In this section you can read the Testimonies


1. Christians Are So Lucky by Kashif Daniel




I feel so lucky that I’m a Christian

Yes! I feel so lucky that I’m a Christian and if I wasn't a Christian then what would happen? How would I live?


It's our fault, not God's, because He made us lucky and special. Are we or not?
imagine how strong a Christian can be!
Let us Stand! Make The History and New Record!

So in the past days, more than one month ago (when this article was written) I was thinking about the Christians rebellion or changing the religion. I was really upset with this thought, I went to sleep and dreamed. And in the dream I saw that I was going in my car somewhere. Suddenly the road started to get rough but I didn't stop. I kept driving on the rough road. There was some traffic behind me and after driving a while, I saw the road was blocked with wires. Behind the wires there was a graveyard. I have no way of getting out because on the right and the left sides there were walls. After a while I saw two females with black upper bodies coming towards me from the graveyard. I got so afraid because I knew they were evil spirits. So I started to turn my car back, but in the mean while they both crossed the wires and came very close to me. As they were coming towards me I was praying to God. I was giving myself to God and in His protection and asking the Lord Please do help me!, and I was also uttering hallelujah!. As they got much closer to me my breath and my voice began to stop and it was getting harder and harder to utter the words. One of the evil spirits was on my right side and the other was on my left side. They both were trying to touch me, and even though they were so close, they weren’t able to touch me. Because as I was praying, I felt that as they tried to touch me they could feel the fire burning around me. In the mean while, I was turning my car while the demons were trying to touch me. I was also thinking in my mind that if I wasn’t Christian then how do I escape from these demons? I said to myself that "I am so lucky because I am Christian". That’s why I survived from them. God is so great and he is always with us. There is no other religion in the world like Christianity, and because I am a Christian I got a ride from those evil spirits. That authority is only given to the Christians from God and we should say thank you to our Lord Jesus Christ because he has given us the authority to drive out the demons. Just look at the verse Matthew 10:1... "He called His twelve Disciples to Him and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness". This verse is also showing us that just because He has given us authority weather we use it or not, that's another thing. God planned to give authority to the man before the man came into the world. We can say that God has given the authority to the man before he was created, but to help you understand I take you to these verses. Look at Genesis 1:26-27 Then God said, Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground. So God created the man in his own image, male and female He created them".
In Fact God made the man lucky but when Adam Broke the Command then the man lost his luck and this luck was given to back by the Lord Jesus Christ to us!.........................

God made the Christian to be lucky (lucky, as in a person who has all the authorities, good fortunes, getting to do each and everything desired, passing life fearless). Now its up to the Christians to have good fortunes or bad. But we Christians, remember: He made us Lucky!

The Meaning of the Dream

Let me tell you the meaning of the dream to make you understand it more clearly.
At first, when I was driving my car, the road was smooth, meaning, at that time when in
Christians life, everything going well. When the road turns rough it means the Christian life is getting hard and tough. (To understand why these hard times are important in Christians lives, you can read the article "Why Believers Are Tempted and Tested". It will help you understand more). Now when the road started to get rough, I kept on driving. This means that no matter how hard the times are, a Christian should always keep going forward (For more knowledge on how to keep going forward during hard times, you should read the article "Cast Yours Carries On Him" ). So now the traffic is gone and I am just left alone there, meaning that when a Christian feels that he is alone and helpless (still keeping yours eyes on the same articles mentioned above "Cast Yours Carries On Him with the points A. He Cares Us, B. God is in our  Personal Concern, and on......), The two females with black upper bodies means they are non Christians (because I was thinking about Christians who change their religion) It is also linked with another dream which I saw after this one. You can understand it all with the following articles: Cast Yours Carries On Him, "Is There No God In Israel?", Are you Goat Or Sheep "Why Christians Rebel or Change the Religion", The graveyard meant that they are from there and have gone to hell and they are trying to pull the Christians towards hell. When I saw the demons, I started praying. This means that when any hard times come, Christian should pray to God (still keeping yours eyes on the article "Cast yours Carries on Him, with the point, Does God Want to Confuse His People") The demons tried to touch me but failed because they felt the fire burning around me. They were not being able to touch me meant that Satan can only make us afraid but he can never harm God's people. The fire burning means, Gods protection and it was with me. When I was first praying as the demons were coming towards me, it meant that a Christian should always pray and Satan will flee. If Satan is still there, keep praying. Didn’t stop praying until they were gone. Not before nor in the middle. Now, I know. In the middle of the attack, it was so hard to utter the words, but I didn't stop my prayer. This means Satan will try to stop you when you will be praying but you should just keep going on to make Satan flee. The prayer I started when I first saw the demons continued until the end. This means that a Christian should be persistent because this persistency will bring a lot of blessings for you and make you much stronger. So strong that a person can't even imagine, as the Believers are by the grace of God.

Let us stand in Him because we are lucky and He made the Christian so much more special. He made us special and He made us lucky. Are we or not? It's ours fault, not God's; check it, stand, break the history and make a new records!

God bless us


   Yours in Him

     Kashif Daniel


If you have any question or need explanation concerning this article please visit " Comments and Replays" 


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