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The Destination! - Lenten & New Years Resolutions

Lenten & New Years Resolutions by MS V.

Why just examine your conscious excessively to do good at a particular time of the year?  Why give up something for a couple of weeks, in atonement, and then go right back to it afterwards, especially if the thing is not good for you, i.e. Smoking, over eating, lack of exercise, lying etc.

The time frame, which I mainly speak about, is called “Lent”.  It’s the time that is designated seven weeks before Easter (Christ’s Resurrection Day).  The Lenten season has been appointed by some as a time to fast from specific sins.  Gluttony, slothfulness, laziness, doing and enjoying things like smoking, & drinking alcohol etc., are bad for the human body.  Where in the Bible is the season of “lent” specified?  Only prayer and fasting is mentioned in the Bible as atonement for sins.  During Lent and the first of January (New Years Resolutions, we promise not to commit that particular sin again, or we make a short sacrifice so that God will honor a particular request or feeling of guilt.

I’ve overheard people ask one another, “What are you giving up for Lent”?  They offer up candy or another favorite food in order to get a sense of accomplishment when Easter Sunday is come and gone.

The definition for Atonement is being sorry for sin (reconciliation of God and man).  It’s the act of making a sacrifice to God by denying self.  To do an act just because everyone else does it, will not make it a sacrifice to God.

Mardi Gras is another issue.  This is a time set aside to do all the sinning one can do before the season of lent kicks in.  God help, and have mercy on us if we should die during a Mardi Gras celebration.  Where will we open our eyes if we have not been forgiven of our sins?  And what about aids, other sexually transmitted diseases and the perversion that takes place during Mardi Gras?  No, I have never participated in a Mardi Gras, but I do believe that these things evolve as the Lord has revealed (2 Tim. 3:1-7).

Yes, I once called myself sacrificing something for God during the Lenten season and I thank God that I don’t have to wait until a particular time of year to get close to Our Lord and neither do you.

Care About Someone (pg.54)
Why Do We, As Christians, Gather Together…?

…To worship God.  …Hear what He has to say through His Word.  …Because He commanded us to (Heb. 10:25).  …To enjoy fellowship one with another.  …To learn more of what we must do to make it in this world.  …To be better equipped to go about our Father’s business.

As we delight ourselves in the Word of God, time and time again we discover yet another blessing which we might have overlooked before.

God is our Creator and protector.  It’s at those times that we need to be around others who are strong in the Faith that we all hold in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We should be there for one another is needed.

When you’re surrounded by the world, they should know that you’re a child of God and you may discover that you might be treated differently.  Things may be said or done which are not right in the eyes of Christ and the world, knowing you to be Christ like, will look to see what your reaction will be.  Temptations to fall into the ‘trap of sin’ will still be around, but we don’t have to fall into the trap.  A dirty joke may be told in your presence and the world wants to see if you’re going to go along with it.  We are continually under a microscope to prove whose follower we choose to be.  God’s or the devils’.

We gather together to love, learn and laugh together.  Yes, we too as Christians can laugh and have a good time while we’re here on this earth.  The world sees us as being always serious, but we fan have a good time in the Lord.  Being saved isn’t boring.

A Wife

A wife – hands you your mother’s birthday card and says, “Here Honey, sign this and say something nice to your Mom”.

A wife – juggles each day’s itinerary with a smile when you tell her, the night before:  you forgot to remind her but she has a dentist appointment at 0800; has to be at another place by 1000; please don’t be late for lunch with you at 1145; school meeting at 1500; nail appointment at 1630; office party at 1830 (Yes, we do socialize at work.  You never know who may need to hear the Word of God).  Wasn’t it a good thing she planned that hair appointment yesterday, told Sue she’d go shopping with her next week, picked up a few groceries and this just so happened to be her day off from work?  Amazing!!

A wife – reminds you that you do have children and will let you know their names and ages when you ask.

A wife – makes cookies the night before, for her sons second grade party which she is suppose to be attending; walks her preschooler to the bus; comes home and does her daily devotional as she finishes a load of clothes; picks up the mail; takes the clothes to the cleaners; picks up the preschooler from the bus stop; makes dinner; gets ready for a women’s meeting and listens attentively while her spouse tells her of his busy day.

A wife – has super sensitive hearing which lets her know when someone in the house calls out during the middle of the night; and built in ear plugs to disregard the snores.

A wife – may not be the same size as she was when you met, but she continues to be the attractive beauty you married some time ago.

A wife – tells you that she loves you and will stand by your side till earthly ‘death do you part’.

When all is said and done, A wife – takes all this is stride, loves every moment and wouldn’t trade her life with anyone.


Does the Church Have a “Head Cold”?

The church body is under the attack of the devil, and the church has symptoms like that of the flu. (Isaiah 29:9-14)



            Can’t hear the Word of God.  Can’t get and understanding once the message has been delivered.

Eyes Swollen Shut

Can’t see our faults and sins.

Body Aches – Pains

            Backsliding, Backbiting, Gossip, Hurt by a church member.

Coughing and Spreading Germs

            Sowing Discord among the brethren.

Itchy Watery Eyes

            We can’t see the enemy before us.


            Can’t understand the Word of God.


            Suffering from attacks of the enemy upon our hearts.


            Hot for the things of this world.  Anger towards one another.

Can’t Breathe

            Unable to witness to anyone due to a lack of knowledge (not studying the Bible).

Relief:  Open our understanding to God’s Word and bind up sickness and disease.

Take Medication.

Rest – Rest in the Lord, Jesus Christ and have a large dose of the Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Protector.  Let’s have some of the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Pain Reliever – Taking in the Word of God.  Listening instead of just hearing.  Act on the Word and let our light so shine before men.

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