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The Destination! - Walking In Pure Faith

Walking In Pure Faith by Evangelist Elder e. Hayes

Blessed be the Name of our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ, for the Power and Light of the Revelation of Christ in you the Hope of Glory, Which is a treasure Greater than all the wealth of this present World, whereas it cannot Destroyed, Defeated nor can any force Disannul it's purpose, for He that Hath called is Eternal, AND HIS WORD IS FOREVER SETTLED IN HEAVEN.

Thus I beseech You by the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, that you remain Faithful in His Word, that He might perform His perfect work in you, for truly the God of all Glory shall Raise up a Mighty Army, a People, A Church without spot, that shall Walk in the Power of His Resurrection, Knowing the Fellowship of His Sufferings', them being made conformable to His Death, Praise God forevermore.

For these that I speak of, the Bride Shall become one with the Master, Knowing and fulfilling His will in all that they say or do. Thus let us Glorify Him in our Mortal Bodies, knowing the time is short. Les His words become our words, Let His thoughts, than He might be Glorified in us. Let our will die, for it was Crucified with Him, two thousand years ago. That His will. The will of the Father Might Live in us. For the Prayer that Jesus Prayed in the Garden; "Father make them one as we are one" Shall be answered, A People of truth will surely walk in oneness with God!!! There are some who hear the word in this last hour, that walk not according to His most holy commandments. These have Deceived themselves, making Christ a minister of Sin. WOE UNTO THEM! For they are spoken of in the word, hearing they hear not, seeing they see not, From such turn away. For this word is not food for thought, as many would have it. But rather life or Death, Beware these are spots in our feast as the Apostles spoke of, and their Judgment is sure. The true people of God, A holy People, realizing faith without works is dead, are seeking to perfect Holiness in the fear of God, walking in a pure faith, that produces the works of Christ.

In Christ Jesus Elder e. Haye

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