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The Destination! - The Roots of Impure Christians-

  The Roots of Impure Christians by Daniel Deen 


  The roots of impure Christians are everywhere and we are growing
these roots ourselves.
   1. Parents:   Sometimes parents grow them. For example, if in a
family there are three children, 1st one is very intelligent and the
parents says we want to make him a Doctor, Engineer, businessman etc. Same kind of thoughts for the 2nd, but the 3rd one is not intelligent, considered stupid; he can't do anything, so we will make him a pastor. What these dear parents don't know that to become a real pastor is the hardest work of the world. It is the pastor who makes the relationship between the church (all Church members) and God.
   2.  Bible Colleges: some times Bible colleges, a man could be well
judged during the studies of two three or four years in the Bible
College. Is the man faithful, able to serve The Lord as a Pastor, is his relationship with God strong.
  It is the duty of the Principal and the other teachers in the Bible
Colleges to get it done, now send him to a church for sometime (the
time depends on this man's abilities)  to serve with the senior pastor
and when he is found to be able to serve the Lord as a Pastor in the
church then send him to his own church and not before.
  3. Pastors:   Sometimes Pastors, I m sorry to say, dear Pastors are
part of the problem. For example, if you see that your elder, deacon
etc. is not coming to church for the last two, three, weeks or more and without any excuse and you know that his relationship with God now is not good, then why are you asking him to share the word of God? Don't you know that now his one mistake can hurt many hearts in the church or could be the cause of rebellion of  church members?  ( Let me explain it here a little more. After church the same man goes out and does something wrong and other church members hear about it. Can you imagine the negative effects? I will speak more on this topic soon) . There can also be a problem if the Pastor starts listening to the impure church members rather than God.
   4. Church members:   Here are some possibilities
 (A) Sometimes  impure church members grow these roots. When Pastor doesn't hear these  impure Christians but just listens to God then they turn against him and destroy the church members by putting the blames on pastors.
 (B) If  Pastor is not good then just pray for him and ask God to control rather than doing any thing wrong. (Again, we will talk more about it soon.)
   For example if we see a Pastor, elder, deacon, any church member,
student, teacher, principle, child or parents, not sincere with the
Church, Pastor, Bible College, Family we just pray for them so that God makes the way to teach them. God will work through you or some  other person or way. This is better than kicking them out of the Church, Bible College, Family. Try to speak with the person sensibly because if you now kick him out or speak harshly then there will be no chance left. I know there is much more to speak on the same point.
   About these and others possibilities we will share as we go on
and think, I just touched the points............................ 
 What to Do Personally In These Circumstances:   
Parents, children, principles, teachers, students, church members, deacons, elders and pastors we all need to fix our eyes on Jesus Christ rather than others to blame, pray for them that Lord makes the way to discipline them.
    I know there are still many questions and answers here which could
be raised well if you have thoughts on this please respond. We would love for you to share.


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