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The Destination! - Cast Your Cares Upon Him

Cast Your Cares Upon Him by Daniel Deen




Many Christians, when they received  Jesus as their Saviour in the beginning, they walk with God warmly, but after some time they leave their position.  After time it is seemed!  Or when special plans have gotten in the way by Christians,  from getting too much excited to say "Thank you, Jesus" to Him.  Pray and stay regularly in His presence, but later they lose their posion.  Not spending time in the presence of God, because the negative thoughts come in the minds.  They feel that it wasn't Gods' voice.  May be just their feelings, they take notice on the disappointed conditions around them, and they feel that the Lord's planning were in that way, but the circumstances are leading them the other way.  Many problems make them confused and worried?  

                 1.Does God want to confuse His people?

   Does God want to confuse them, make them worry or what? He told
them the plans they had were not right. Is God a liar, cheater or just
playing with them? A lot of questions come in the minds, these
considerations are not right, it is not the reality.
Listen carefully when satan see that God's plans are going to be
done by man and man is praying regularly in His presence, the devil gets afraid. Oh God's plans are going to be done (God's plans are that all the people praise Him and get the place in paradise but satan doesn't want to see the people in heaven). Although the devil knows that no one can stop God's plans but he tries anyway. Satan can't stop God. What will satan do? Satan comes against that person to whom God has plans for; creating problems, making the man confused and scatters the man's mind, just like the devil did with Job.
Here man must pray in Lord's presence, meditate that God cares for
him, has personal concern in him and just cast all the cares on Him, then every thing will be in control.

                 2.He cares for us

  It is not right the man thinks in his mind , that God doesn't care
about him or get anxious and feel burdened.
Listen the Lord knew it a very long time ago exactly what His plans
were, that Satan would go against His plans, in which conditions man would suffer by the devil! That's why the Holy Bible was given to us, to consult with ,to get the circumstances. Look at the verse
First Peter 5:7 "Cast all yours anxiety on Him because He cares for
you" now the man must cast his anxieties on God cause He cares for him, then the man can get up, move with Lord's plans, have worthy feelings, feelings of usefulness.       

                 3.God is in ours Personal Concern

   The Bible says you are in His personal concern yes God has personal
concern for us. That's why He says "His eyes always keep watching us"
where ever we go, what we do, what we think, when we are busy with the
things or whatsoever we do , no problem whether we are thinking about God or not, His eyes are still watching us and the Lord always thinks about us even when we sleep. Can you tell me why God is doing all of this?
He has personal concern for us.
Man shouldn't worry because the Lord's eyes always keep watch over
him. He is thinking about him and God's plans will be done at the right time. 

                 4.God Sustains ours Burden

   In Psalm it is written "Cast thy burden upon the Lord and He shall
sustain thee" Now this verse is also explaining that God is willing to
sustain our burden; so why are we worried ?
Man shouldn't worry but must pray, cast the burden on Him, and just
hang onto God.
He has sustained all the cares, so let's come and stand up in His
hands, purify, keep praying in His presence and don't even think  about the cares. We do believe in the Lord Almighty God that He has removed all the cares.
To understand it more and why the hard times come, you can see the
article "Why believers are tempted and tested"

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