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The Destination! - Hospice Memorial Night Story (Art)

Hospice Memorial Night Story (Art) by Signs


ein Bild


ein Bild


November 13, 2005 was my husband Bill`s hospice memorial night where we were told to come foreward to a platform and light a candle in his memory when they called out his name.  For two and a half hours they called the names of the deceased and it was very sad. Men went up with their motherless children to light a candle for their wife. Women went up with their children to light their father`s candle. Grief stricken old women went up alone to light their husband`s candle. Sad old men without their wives. It was very trying and grief filled the room and I prayed the whole time for these people as we all were there for the same sad reason. My son 
and I went and it was very hard. I was feeling deep grief for all of us and the tears came. I couldn`t help but think about the first picture of Bill I got by accident crying out to God and my husband of 35 years, in total dispair. I hoped these poor people would be allowed to feel or see their loved one near them as I did. When we came home it was dark and the moon so bright, with the most beautiful clouds I`ve ever seen at night. I took a few pictures and the top one is the enlarged version, and the bottom one is the original. One picture was Jesus standing by the moon with what looks like a big black book in His arms. It is what I believe appears to be His Book of Life, and He was calling names also. This picture lead to many other night photos in my back yard and other spiritual pictures that helped me deal with Bill`s cancer death. I was truly astonished to see this photo when I put my memory card into my computer and saw Jesus and His book of life with a line of people by the moon! It was very clear to me that I was being comforted by our Lord, and that He saw our tears that night and heard my prayers. What a loving, caring, Savior, who is always there for me. 

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