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The Destination! - Let The Lord Do Driving

Let The Lord Do Driving by Christy Stenger


  As I turned onto the street, I caught the first light.  I did not want to sit through another light.  I wanted to get home and put my groceries away.  I turned to see the car sitting to my left that was in the turning lane.  It was a 4 door car with the windows rolled down.  There was a woman driving and her teen aged daughter in the back.

            I, then, saw one of the funniest sights I have seen in a while.   There in the backseat was a dog.  He was in the seat all by himself.  He had his head lying on the door with his face sticking out to breathe the fresh air.  The dog was actually asleep.  He could care less where he was or what others were doing.  He was enjoying the pretty day by taking a nap.
            All I could do was laugh.  This dog was so cute and I could not contain myself.  The Lord knew I needed a good laugh.
            The light turned green and I proceeded to drive home.  As I was going down the street I thought, “that is how we are to go through life is we are God’s children.”  I am not to worry where I am going or who is around.  All I need to do is remember the Lord is driving and I can trust Him to take care of me.
            Once I became an Heir of the Kingdom, I should trust the Lord with everything.  He did not save me to be filled with fear and worry.  I now have someone, a best friend, I can go to.  I am to lay all my burdens and worries at the feet of Jesus.  I can have peace resting in the ever loving arms of the Lord if I will only remember the dog in the backseat with his head out of the window.

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