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The Destination! - Why A Burden For America Part I

Why A Burden for America (Part I) by Bob Pruitt



I find myself having a very strong and deep concern for America.
Presently, one could argue that America stands as the wealthiest, most
affluent, most powerful nation in the world. We have more disposable income than some people in the world have for living income. Our children own cell phones, laptops, computer games galore, eat more than they need, and work only for extra spending money for the most part. We experience no famine, have plenty of shelter, and do not live in fear of our lives for practicing our religion. When we need something and do not have the cash for it; we put it on our credit card. So, why the concern? Our military is strong, the economy is pretty good, there seems to be a small hint of a revival in the air. Sounds like there is no need for concern. So, once again, why am I concerned?
I guess the main reason I am concerned is because I know from the Bible
that our days are numbered. I know also that Jesus told us to watch
for the signs of the end time and many of those signs have come to pass already. Israel is now a nation. Iraq(Persia in the Bible) is now no longer a threat to Israel and if you read Daniel you will realize that of all the nations around Israel, Persia is not mentioned as one that comes against Israel in the final days. If Saddam Hussein were still in charge of Iraq that threat would still exist. There are many signs now pointing to Jesus returning.
That is great!! We should all be excited and I am. Yet, I still have a
major concern for America in all of this. As far as I can reason and
from discussion with others, I can find no mention of The United States of America as being a role player in the end times. Some might say that it is just that America wasn’t known about in those days. I don’t agree with that argument, because even though man didn’t know about our country back then, God surely did!!  Man also didn’t know that the earth was round, but Isaiah mentions the circle of the earth in Isaiah 40:22.
What all this means to me is that our great nation is going to suffer a
great downfall and become subservient to another nation, or possibly
become a part of some other alliance such as the one in Europe or one
that isn’t even known of yet, or just be totally insignificant when it
comes to world matters.
Fifty years ago this couldn’t have even been considered; but as our
nation has turned away from God in so many areas, I am afraid God is now going to turn away from us. We have taken God out of our schools, our government, our laws, our lives, our money, and in some instances even our churches. I believe that God is NOT happy with us.
So, what can we do about it? I only have one answer! pray! Pray for
our nation and our leaders. Pray for revival, pray for a turning back to God. Pray for our children to be more attentive to Gods word than
we are. Hopefully, God will forgive our nation.
This is the first part in a series I hope to continue. I pray that this
will stir up some conversation and dialogue back and forth. Please
send us comments and thoughts on this subject. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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